Full Frontal 2012

Full Frontal 2012 is a one day
JavaScript Conference
at the Duke of York’s Picturehouse
in Brighton, UK

on the


  1. Morning

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    Up Next Opening Remarks
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    Up Next All you need is <body/>
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    Up Next Is HTML relevent in the era of web apps?
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    Up Next Break (30mins)
  1. Midday

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    Up Next Offline Rules
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    Up Next Exploring the game console browser landscape
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    Up Next Lunch (90mins)
  1. Afternoon

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    Up Next Building Web Apps of the future. Tomorrow, today and yesterday.
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    Up Next Writing Testable JavaScript
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    Up Next Break (30mins)
  1. Evening

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    Up Next Making things with Maths
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    Up Next Tales of Suckage and Awesomeness
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    Up Next Closing Remarks
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    Up Next After Party


Paul Kinlan

Developer Advocate @ Google on Chrome. Mr Web Intents. Developer of many techie things including Twollo, Twe2, Topicala, Ahoyo and FriendDeck.

Rebecca Murphey

Senior JS dev at Bocoup, client-side architecture fanatic, co-host of the long-lost yayQuery podcast

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson has worked on NCSA Mosaic, IE and now Chrome as an Open Web advocate. He loves enabling awesome user experiences on the web.

Steven Wittens

Steven Wittens is a wannabe demo scener, recreational mathematician and maker of webs front and back who desperately wants the browser to become a real boy already.

John Allsopp

John has been doing things to the web since before many of you were born. This is not necessarily a good thing.

Andrew Betts

Founder of Assanka, the company acquired earlier this year by the FT, Andrew now heads up FT Labs (the team that builds some of the world's finest HTML5 web apps) and is co-chair of the W3C 'Fixing appcache' community group.

James Pearce

Head of Mobile Developer Relations at Facebook, a developer and writer with a special passion for mobile and exploring its untapped potential.

Anna Debenham

Anna is a freelance front end developer based in Brighton. She mostly works on projects in education and tweets a lot about Adventure Time.


John Allsopp HTML5, beyond markup

Sold Out

In this full day workshop, John Allsopp takes you beyond the header and footer, to focus on some of the powerful, but surprisingly easy to use, features of the next generation of HTML

Remy Sharp Mobile Web Apps

Sold Out

This day long workshop will be a mix of introducing the latest technology & tricks on the mobile device and hands on practical exercises where you'll get to play with what you're learning.

Archibald, Murphey, Sharp Tooling Tutorials

Sold Out

This workshop is the pick and mix of workshops. Three trainers will each be running two hands on seminars convering: Git, RequireJS, debugging, SASS, test and automation, build process



  • Preston Circus, BN1 4BA A.Duke of York's Picturehouse

    Full Frontal JavaScript Conference is being held at the historic Duke of York's Picturehouse in Brighton. It is centrally located on Preston Circus.


  • 28 Kensington Street, BN1 4AJ B.Lighthouse

    If you've signed up to one of our workshops, this is where they're run.

(Unofficial) Pre Party

  • 101 North Road, BN1 1YE C.Fountain Head

    We've reserved some tables and spots, so come down from 7pm onwards and say 'hi' to your fellow Full-Frontal-goer!

After Party

  • Preston Circus, BN1 4BA D.The Loft

    Please join us at the Full Frontal After Party at The Loft from 7pm until late


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Food & Drink

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