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Mobile Web Apps

Building rich interactive web sites… dare I say web apps — is a reality with the smart phone browsers shipping with all the latest JavaScript and CSS technologies.

This day long workshop will be a mix of introducing the latest technology & tricks on the mobile device and hands on practical exercises where you'll get to play with what you're learning.

Although this workshop will have an iOS focus, a lot of the technology we will look at applies to most new WebKit based devises (Android, Playbook, etc) and smartphones running Opera Mobile.

Who is this workshop for?

You’ll Learn

  • Mobile Device
    Take advantage using latest technology
  • Working with touch
    Handling mobile specific events
  • Debugging
    Way beyond the bad old alert
  • Offline
    Storing assets and data
  • Frameworks and libraries
    Speed up development and time
  • Deployment
    Getting your mobile app to your users